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I have made every effort to make Sublimerge free of bugs, responsive and well done for all three platforms that Sublime Text supports. However if you think that something is going wrong, have a feature suggestion or simply want to say "thanks", feel free to send a message via the form below or by e-mail

Sublimerge keeps asking for license key after registration?
Please update your package to the latest version (Sublimerge 2.10.17 or 3.0.33). Previous versions had an issue in licensing mechanism that could result in losing license information after some time.
Sublimerge IS NOT Sublime Merge
Please do not confuse Sublimerge with Sublime Merge. Sublimerge is a plugin for Sublime Text and is being developed since 2015, however Sublime Merge first appeared on 2018. These are different software products and are developed by different authors. If you purchased Sublimerge license instead of Sublime Merge by a mistake, I will issue a refund (and revoke the license). Please just write me a message instead of opening a long lasting case on PayPal.

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Important note for Sublimerge 3 users
Please use the Issue Tracker for reporting issues. Sublimerge 3 is still beta and there are many things to do. Issue Tracker will help me organize my work with the issues you report.
About to report issue? Maybe a solution is already here!
Before submitting an issue report, please make sure you have the latest Sublime Text and Sublimerge installed. Also check if some other plugin does not conflict with Sublimerge. Check the console output too.

Remember to include the following information with your issue report: Sublime Text version and build number, operating system version, Sublimerge version, console output (make sure that debug mode is on - see Settings)

Troubleshooting Find solutions for the most common problems.

Sublimerge keeps asking for license key after registration
Please make sure you have the latest version installed. Previous versions had an issue in licensing mechanism that could result in losing license information after some time.
All Sublimerge context menu commands are grayed out/Sublimerge does not work
If you just installed or updated Sublimerge, please restart Sublime Text. If the problem still persists, make sure you use the latest Sublime Text.
I press one of default key/mouse bindings but nothing/strange things happens
Make sure that some other plugin does not conflict with Sublimerge. You can always change the default bindings and retry.
I can't merge changes
When you compare a file to revision it is impossible to merge changes from file to revision. Also, when you compare two remote revisions or selections, this is not possible too.
Edit mode does not work / is not available
When you compare two selections or remote revisions this mode is disabled. This is expected behavior since you can't make any changes in such situation.
I can't see Compare To View command anywhere
This command may not be available when there are no comparable views. By default Sublimerge creates list of comparable views from currently opened files with the same syntax as file in active view. You can change this behavior in settings.
My project is versioned but related commands does not work
Make sure that you have properly configured Git/SVN/Mercurial in Sublimerge's settings file. Please also make sure that `log` commands returns standard output.
My project is versioned under Mercurial, but when I run `Compare to Revision...` nothing happens or I get information that the file is not versioned
Depending on your Mercurial settings, prior to Sublimerge 2.7.3 your `hg log` command may not return default-formatted output. To fix this problem, please add `--style default` to `hg_log_args` setting and retry. If it still doesn't work, please visit the following page for more information about log formatting: and check if your `hg log` command returns expected format.
I get "Unable to parse XML" message when trying to use SVN-related command
  • Reason 1. Problem with pyexpat (Ubuntu / Sublime Text 2)
    Open Sublime console. If you can see this: ImportError: no module named pyexpat, please open your command line and do the following:
    1. wget
    2. tar xvjf Python-2.6.6.tar.bz2
    3. cd Python-2.6.6
    4. ./configure --prefix=/home/<your_user_name>/.local --enable-unicode=ucs4
    5. make && make install
    6. ln -s ~/.local/lib/python2.6 <Sublime Directory>/lib/python2.6
    7. Restart Sublime Text
  • Reason 2. Malformed svn log output
    Open Sublime console. You should see something in the following format:
    Sublimerge: run shell command (<working directory path>): <svn log command>
    Sublimerge: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><log>svn: some error message

    Please do the following in your command line:
    1. cd <working directory path>
    2. <svn log command>
    You should see the same output as in Sublime console. Unfortunately this is a Subversion's issue and, because of number of possible errors you may get there, you should try fixing it by yourself.
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