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Sublimerge brings the missing side-by-side diff to Sublime Text and turns your favorite editor into the professional diff and merge tool with amazing features!

Your time is your money so no longer waste it. Forget switching again and again to external apps - now you get it all built-in!

So elegant! So humane! I like that the simplicity of the display betrays (or perhaps implies?) the sophistication & cleverness of the engineering.
It's one of those things that I didn't realize I was missing until I found it, and I don't know how I ever lived without it.
Helps me view changes within Sublime Text rather than a separate tool. Great integration and keeps me moving quickly.
It enables frequent, extremely thorough review by making the diff'ing process a simple matter of common sense.
I especially like that I can have perfect syntax highlighting while reviewing changes.
I've been using it for 5 minutes and I've already decided to buy it. It's awesome!
It was great that the developer took heed on my improvement suggestions and addressed both in the latest release. Thank you!
It makes managing a team of developers & merging feature/fix branches for a large, complex app SO EASY!
It is an everyday task to compare files. It saves a lot of time from switching to other software.
Sublimerge streamlines the workflow since I never have to leave Sublime Text :-)
Incredibly useful tool! So easy to use. So fast. So awesome!
Thank you for your excellent piece of software!
Sublimerge 3 beta now available! Read more here.

Text Diff Minimalistic, but powerful. Side-by-side diff done the right Sublime way.

Whatever you compare, Sublimerge does it quickly. The diff view shows you clearly all the differences and highlights syntax of the compared files. There are no distracting colors, icons and buttons. Interface stays clear to help you focus on the differences. Easy keyboard shortcuts let you pick changes and navigate through them.

Text Diff
  • Compares currently edited files
  • Compares to clipboard contents
  • Can compare selected fragments of files
  • Handles whitespace, case and CR/LF differences
  • Highlights intraline changes
  • Creates, manages and compares code snapshots
  • Two-way diff instantly shows differences
  • Three-way diff assists you while merging files
  • Easy keyboard navigation
  • Incredibly configurable!


Just like in other diff tools, the view splits into two panes showing compared files and all differences between them. Views are in sync with each other so you will never lose the context.


Colorful gutter icons and outlines around change blocks shows clearly which fragments are different or missing. Intraline changes are also highlighted to focus your eyes on small changes.


Can ignore whitespace, case and CR/LF differences. The unique Separate Missing Blocks feature produces more change blocks in order to increase possible ways to merge files.

Directories Diff Easily compare nested directories right in Sublime Text.

Sublimerge compares directories side-by-side, digging down in the hierarchy. When a directory contains any difference at any level, it gets marked as different. When you find differences, you can simply clone files or directories from one side to the other. You can also run Text Diff for selected text files.

Directories Diff
  • Compare directories in side-by-side view
  • Quickly merge files and directories
  • Browse subdirectories


Compare directories side-by-side and easily spot the differences.
Run Text Diff on files.


Colorful outlines and gutter icons shows clearly which files or directories are different or missing.

Version Control Systems Built-in Git, Subversion and Mercurial features.

Sublimerge comes with predefined commands that will improve your workflow with versioned files. For instance, you can quickly compare your working copy to any revision. You can even view, verify and revert uncommited changes. That's magically simple. If this is still too less, you can define your own commands using Custom Comparisons feature.

Commands for Version Control Systems
  • Built-in commands for Git, Subversion and Mercurial
  • Easily compare your working copy with revisions
  • Spot differences between any revisions
  • View, verify or revert uncommited changes
  • Boost your workflow with Custom Comparisons


No special tools required. Just open a versioned file and all VCS-related commands become available automatically. Perform your daily tasks quickly without leaving Sublime Text!


Boost your daily workflow with powerful Custom Comparisons feature. Create your own VCS-related (and not only) commands to work with revisions, branches and so on.


Integrate with anything. Run Sublimerge from command line or even configure your VCS to use it as its diff and merge tool. Use Sublimerge to resolve your merge conflicts.


System requirements

  • OS X
  • Windows
  • Linux

Built-in support for

  • Git
  • Subversion
  • Mercurial


  • Split View Side-by-side & swapable diff view.
  • Featured Diff Two-way and three-way diff algorithms.
  • Ease Of Use Simple keyboard & mouse shortcuts.
  • Diff Selections In one file or across multiple files.
  • Diff Views Easily compare currently edited files.
  • Clipboard Support Compare with clipboard contents.
  • VCS Support Built-in commands for Git, Subversion and Mercurial.
  • View Unsaved Changes Quickly show changes which makes your file dirty.
  • Custom Comparisons Boost your workflow with custom commands.
  • Snapshots Create code snapshots and compare to them.
  • High Performance Performs the job quickly. Even with big files.
  • Directories Diff Compare directories and apply changes.
  • Syntax specific settings Define different settings for different file types.
  • Integratable Run from command line & integrate with anything.

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