BuyBe fair. Each purchased license motivates me to keep my work up :)

Here you will purchase a license for Sublimerge, not Sublime Merge nor Sublime Text. If you are about to purchase Sublime Text or Sublime Merge license, please visit its official website.
License keys are issued by Borys Forytarz (Józefów, Poland), and covered by the End-User License Agreement (EULA). When you buy a license, you agree to its terms.

Got promo code/coupon? I declare that I have never been issuing and supporting any kind of promo codes and/or coupons. My purchase form does not support them. If you have such a code, please report it.

Licensing information

This software product is licensed, not sold. A license works on all supported operating systems: Windows, OS X and Linux. Licensed product will no longer display registration reminder message and have high-priority support.

Each Single User License is issued and valid for a single user and may be used by him, and only him, on any number of computers.

Businesses and resellers may buy a Multiple License, which is issued and valid for the number of users as declared in Quantity and may be used on any number of computers.

Educational Institutions may also buy a Multiple License with Quantity equal to number of computers where Sublimerge will be installed, or number of students which will use Sublimerge.

The license Name and E-mail do not need to match the purchasers' name or e-mail. Please be sure to enter the end-user's name and e-mail in the form, and then enter the purchaser details when checking out through PayPal.

Before you decide to buy a license, please take time to evaluate Sublimerge to check if it fits your needs.

If you have some questions feel free to send a message. You will get reply shortly.

Please read complete End-User License Agreement (EULA).

What about my existing Sublimerge Pro license?

At a Glance

It's important to know that Sublimerge 3 is being written from scratch. This approach allows me to take all the benefits from Sublime Text 3 API and implement all these great features that were not possible to implement in Sublimerge Pro (2.x). Because of this, Sublimerge 3 is a separate product, licensed separately with a different price.

That's why I came up with the following solution which, in my feeling, is fair for existing users, new users and, finally, me.

I prepared two upgrade plans for those who already own a Sublimerge Pro (2.x) license:

  1. Get a discount and just pay the difference between Sublimerge 3 price and amount you spent on Sublimerge Pro.
  2. Instead, if you want to show more appreciation to my work, you can purchase it for a regular price :)


  1. Can existing users get a discount?

    Yes. Existing users can get a discount. Please read above about the upgrade plans.
  2. Will license for Sublimerge 3 work with Sublimerge Pro?

    By purchasing a license for Sublimerge 3 you will get also additional license key for Sublimerge Pro.
  3. Will my license for Sublimerge Pro work after upgrade?

    Yes. Your license for previous version will remain valid. In fact, you will have two separate licenses - one per each version.
  4. Does my license for Sublimerge Pro work with Sublimerge 3?

    Yes, but as long as Sublimerge 3 is in beta. Later you will need to upgrade.

If you don't have a license yet but like Sublimerge and want to support me, please purchase it. It is not too expensive and, as you can see above, you don't lose your money!

Work on Sublimerge costs me a lot of effort and my spare time so each purchased license motivates me to keep my work up! 🙂

In case of any doubts, please contact me.

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