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License keys are issued by Borys Forytarz (Józefów, Poland), and covered by the End-User License Agreement (EULA). When you buy a license, you agree to its terms.
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Notice: here you will purchase a license for Sublimerge, which is a plugin for Sublime Text. If you are about to purchase Sublime Text license, please visit its official website.

Licensing information

This software product is licensed, not sold. A license works on all supported operating systems: Windows, OS X and Linux. Licensed product will no longer display registration reminder message and have high-priority support.

Each Single User License is issued and valid for a single user and may be used by him, and only him, on any number of computers.

Businesses and resellers may buy a Multiple License, which is issued and valid for the number of users as declared in Quantity and may be used on any number of computers.

Educational Institutions may also buy a Multiple License with Quantity equal to number of computers where Sublimerge will be installed, or number of students which will use Sublimerge.

The license Name and E-mail do not need to match the purchasers' name or e-mail. Please be sure to enter the end-user's name and e-mail in the form, and then enter the purchaser details when checking out through PayPal.

Before you decide to buy a license, please take time to evaluate Sublimerge to check if it fits your needs.

If you have some questions feel free to send a message. You will get reply shortly.

Please read complete End-User License Agreement (EULA).

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