Please visit for complete information about features, installation instructions, usage and settings. ![Sublimerge]( "Sublimerge Pro") ![Works on OS X]( "Works on Mac OS X")   ![Works on Windows]( "Works on Windows")   ![Works on Linux]( "Works on Linux")                                    ![Supports Git]( "Supports Git")   ![Supports SVN]( "Supports SVN")   ![Supports Mercurial]( "Supports Mercurial") ### Full Sublime Text integration Sublimerge fully integrates into your editor, no matter what your operating system is. Forget about external tools just to check differences between files, their revisions or even their fragments. You get it all built-in. Out of the box. ### Version Control Systems support Is your file versioned under Git, SVN or Mercurial? Great! You can instantly check the differences between your working copy and any revision you like. Then simply merge selected changes if you want to. ### Version Control Systems integration You can setup Sublimerge as diff and merge tool for Git, Subversion, Mercurial and others. You can select one of two possible layouts for three-way diff view: 3-column or 2-rows. ### Directories comparison Use Sublimerge to compare directories side-by-side. Just select two directories in Side Bar and from its context menu select Sublimerge -> Compare Selected Directories. ### Simplicity & Productivity Everything you need to do is to learn a few keyboard or mouse shortcuts to make your work with diffs more productive. If you are lazy, every command is available from context menus and Command Palette. Just that simple. ### Snapshots Create snapshots of your code to store temporarily important changes. Later merge your changes from snapshots or even fully revert to given point in time. Snapshots can be created manually and/or each time you open or save file. ### Showing differences Colorful gutter icons and outlines around change blocks will show you clearly which fragments are different or missing. Intraline changes will be also highlighted to help you focus your eyes on small differences. ### Custom Comparisons Define custom commands where you can decide what and how to compare. Sublimerge comes with a few predefined Custom Comparisons for Git, SVN and Mercurial users which allows you to compare and merge files across branches and view uncommited changes. You can also define your own comparisons to do custom things. - - - Please visit for complete information about features, installation instructions, usage and settings.